Monday, June 2, 2014

Todd Solondz Next Film Will Be... Russian?

The Hollywood Reporter has just announced a new, Russian anthology film about St. Petersburg called St Petersburg: A Category of Feelings. Overseen by Fyodor Bondarchuk (son of Sergey Bondarchuk, and an established director in his own right), it will consist of ten short films, each by a different director. And yes, one of those directors will be Todd Solondz. The sub-films will be titled Pleasure, Effort, Trust, Envy, Repose, Shrewdness, Bravery, Uncertainty, Refuge and Glee... the first letter of each word spelling out "PETERSBURG," get it? There's no word on which of those will be Todd's entry, but maybe it's more fun to guess for now anyway.  Uncertainty perhaps?

Also fun to note is that another of the ten will be directed by French filmmaker Cedric Klapisch, which will make it a bit of an In Transit reunion for Solondz. According to the article, the film is already funded and they expect to have substantial international distribution. So it looks like a safe bet that we'll be able to look forward to this one.

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