Saturday, November 15, 2003

"Lost" Solondz Film Appearance Released On DVD

The recent French DVD of Cedric Klapisch's debut film, Riens du Tout, includes two of his early short films as extras. Included in this collection is In Transit, a student film he shot in 1985 while attending NYU film school, along with budding filmmaker Todd Solondz. Solondz briefly appears in this film as one of three musicians (pictured below), with Rick Marcus and Cedric himself, who encounter lead actor Yuri Olchansky in NYC. The short film is in English (with unremovable French subtitles), and the main, French-language feature, while Solondz-less, does offer optional English subtitles. The DVD (R2, PAL) can be ordered from (along with plenty of other places, I'm sure); so go get, Solondz completists!