Saturday, June 3, 2006

Feelings now on DVD!

Right on the heels of some very big and exciting Todd Solondz news, we have some very big and exciting Todd Solondz news! Solondz's first student film, Feelings (1984) is available on DVD! It's being featured on a compilation of short films entitled Cinema 16: American Short Films, the third volume of Cinema 16 shorts compilations (following European Short Films and British Short Films).

American Short Films, to be released this Monday (June 5th), will also feature short films by George Lucas, Alexander Payne, Tim Burton, Gus van Sant, Andy Warhol and more. Note: a number of online vendors - including, where I got mine from - list this disc as being PAL (European standard), but it's in fact NTSC, Region 0. So, North Americans, go nuts!

Oh, and a film page has been created, now, for Feelings, which you can view here (or from the main page).