Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life During Wartime: SOLD!

According to a Variety by Patrick Frater, Todd Solondz's latest film, Life During Wartime, was picked up already at the Cannes film festival. The film was not playing in the festival (in fact, I'm pretty certain it's not complete), but it, along with a mockumentary about a Russian roulette reality TV show, was just purchased by D Prods. It might be worth noting that the Variety piece refers to it as the "upcoming untitled Todd Solondz picture," which suggests either that Mr. Frater doesn't check out my site often enough, or that Life During Wartime may no longer be the film's working title.

5/24 UPDATE: Today's Variety reports that, "Todd Solondz's 'Life During Wartime' [note: they're using the title now] was sold to Village Roadshow for Australia and New Zealand, Svensk Filmindustri for Scandinavia, Imagem for Brazil, Monolith for Poland, Tuck Film for Ex-Yugoslavia and D Production for Turkey."