Saturday, October 8, 2005 Make-Over

You've probably already noticed that has a new name and a bit of a new look. No? Well, it does; take my word for it. As per a request from the man himself, reference to his first feature film has been removed from the title of this site... The film's troubled production history, and his current disdain for it (I happen to think it's a pretty great film *shrug*) is certainly no secret... He even shared that Fear, Anxiety and Depression wasn't the title he originally wanted for the film (though he didn't care to get into what was).

So, anyway, I hope you all like the new/ name look... or at least don't hate it too much. The color scheme and a few other things still need to be incorporated into the other pages (like this one), and I'm sure I'll be making some other minor alterations over the next few weeks. But, basically, this is it. Enjoy your stay. 8-)

P.s. - In case you've been totally out of it this past month (hey, you're not alone), Palindromes has come out on DVD in both the US and the UK since the last update.