Friday, July 16, 2010

The Wartime Wait Is Over!

Life During Wartime is now available on DVD from Artificial Eye in the UK/ Region 2. Go ahead and order it - I did! Meanwhile, in the US, it's debuting in NY theaters next week, on July 23rd. With IFC's On Demand thing, I think that also means you'll be able to watch it online at on that date.

And, as you may've noticed on the front page, our Life During Wartime page is now live, too! Be sure to check out the still gallery, too. Plenty of great screenshots, the official plot description and even the lyrics to the song "Life During Wartime" as written by Todd Solondz (not to be confused by the Talking Heads or Greenday songs of the same title) and personally transcribed by me. :)

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