Monday, January 7, 2008

Van der Beek's Lost Storytelling Role

An article was just posted on about some interesting parts being cut out of films... and one of the actors they talked to was James Van der Beek, about his role cut from Storytelling. It says how, in the original NC-17 cut which ran for two and a half hours (!! this really needs to get out to the public somehow), he played a sexually confused jock who wound up having, "an explicit Brown Bunny-esque scene with another man." Unfortunately, the article doesn't tell us much more about what was cut than that - casually mentioning that Heather Matarazzo and Emmanuelle Chriqui were also cut out of the film - but there IS a quote from Van der Beek and all, so check it out here. Maybe this will help drum up enough interest to get the full version released.

Thanks to Stephen for pointing this one out to me.

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