Sunday, July 13, 2003

Comparing the Old and New Happiness DVDs

Essentially, there is no difference. Contrary to previous reports, this transfer is not anamorphic, or freshly restored, or anything else. There are no new extras - the menu and features are identical, right down to the hidden Slam and Another Day In Paradise trailers. There isn't even (as was the case with the previous version) an insert. The difference between the listed running times (the old one says "139 minutes;" the new one says "140") is nill - they're both 139.51. Just to emphasize the same-ness of these DVDs, here are screen shots taken from each:
Signature Series:

...The only difference is the packaging, and that they got rid of the bizarre, double-sided disc feature, where the other side only featured a small txt file which read, "This side is not playable." Save your money, folks, and thanks for nothin', Lions' Gate. >:P

Oh yeah. P.s. - The "Signature Series" cover now looks like this (below), not as shown in the previous news entry (note the different sig, and Newseek quote, as opposed to Time Out's).
happinesssig2.jpg (35651 bytes)

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