Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dark Horse In Theaters This Summer

According to this article in The Hollywood Reporter, Dark Horse has acquired distribution and will be released in theaters here in the US this summer. It's been picked up by Brainstorm Media, marking their first theatrical outing.

Producer Ted Hope is quoted as saying, "Like that old 35mm we all once loved, Dark Horse will be playing only in theaters this summer. Meyer and his team have constructed a way for the filmmakers and our investors to be true partners in this venture."

Apparently, we can expect Dark Horse to open in New York on June 8th, followed by later openings in other cities. The article doesn't say so, but presumably Brainstorm will follow this up with a DVD/ digital release after the summer, for those of us who don't live in a major, metropolitan city.


  1. Ted, here. Just tell me what your local theater is and we will try to get it to you! We anticipate being on VOD in September.


    And PS. Do you need a Dark Horse poster when we have them? I can send you a digital file now.

    1. Hi!
      The AMCLoews in New Brunswick (rt 1) is the big theatre near me - it would be very awesome if you could get Dark Horse there.
      I've got the digital image here (unless there's a different one?).

    2. Hello...will Dark Horse play in San Diego?

  2. When and where will Dark Horse be playing in Dallas? I imagine it would either be at the Angelika, Inwood or Magnolia, but it is not listed as coming soon to any of them.