Friday, April 10, 2009

Forgiveness for Cannes?

It's been a while since we've had an update, but that's to be expected when Solondz has been out of country, filming on location. Well, now his film (according to the IMDB) seems to be in post-production and has a new working title: Forgiveness.

According to an article in today's Seoul Times ("Guessing the Festival Goodies" by Gautaman Bhaskaran), Solondz is "is racing against time to finish his work," to be a part of official lineup for the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. It's really an article about the Cannes fest, not Solondz or his film, so they don't really say anything about either except to describe Forgiveness (yes, they use that title) as "a kind of sequel to his Happiness," which is nothing we haven't been hearing since early 2006. Still, new title (I think I like it better... but of course I haven't seen the film to fairly judge either title) and hopefully a finished film by Cannes time. I'm excited.