Saturday, March 26, 2005

Official Palindromes Websites Live

Wellspring, the company distributing Solondz's latest film in the US, has put up their official Palindromes web-site at: It's pretty substantive, too, with a new interview with Solondz, the trailer, cast and crew bios, and lots of things previously posted on this site (::grin::), like the director's notes, statement, poster, images, etc. It looks nice.
And now, the other Palindromes website,, is up and running, too. It mirrors a lot of the same content (natch), but features some new stuff as well, including a look at all the Avivas in the film, a lot of flash animation, and a message board/ guest book thingy. Looks nice.

Thanks to Daniel, yet again, for spotting this. 8-)
And double thanks to Daniel for spotting the follow-up, as well.