Sunday, August 7, 2011 Getting a Make-Over! is in the midst of a much, much, much needed facelift. The main aspect of which is that I've created and am incorporating as the main page.

You see, when I first created years ago, it a lay-out I was pretty happy with, at least for the time. It gradually got out-dated. And then, when I met Mr. Solondz in person, he asked me to change it (because it was originally called Fear, Anxiety & Depression: The Films of Todd Solondz, and he didn't care for the film he's more or less disowned as the title and theme of the website). So, I made a bunch of quick changes and graphics which were just meant to be temporary, and were, to be honest, kinda garish and awful. But, predictably, that "temporary" layout remained for years.

So, now it's getting over-hauled! These changes will make updates easier for me to make, and hopefully a little more inviting for you guys. It'll let you RSS subscribe, so you get news updates sent to you whenever I update, so you don't have to keep checking back to see if I've made any changes. And it's got all the little facebook, twitter and whatever buttons you kids like to play with. ;)

The 2011 version of the site hasn't just been reduced to the blog, however. All the cool pages from the original site: the film pages (click the boxes on the left!) and the galleries are still here. And when Dark Horse comes out, you can bet there'll be a film page and gallery added for that, too.

I'll be tinkering with it over the coming weeks, and like every site, it's forever "under maintenance." So don't freak out if something's screwed up. But at least we're getting this site out of the stone age, and let's all agree to forget about the yellow and orange.

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