Monday, March 12, 2007

All About Life During Wartime

A casting notice posted on the Tampa Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau website ( contains a big scoop on the new Solondz film. Apparently it's a sequel to Happiness, set to star Emma Thompson, Demi Moore and Faye Dunnaway? The full notice reads:

"LIFE DURING WARTIME is a $4.5 million low budget feature by Indie maverick Todd Solondz....the film picks up with characters that we last saw in Todd's film "Happiness".....the film will star Emma Thompson, Demi Moore, Faye Dunnaway, Dennis Franz, Hope Davis...amongst many others. The film will shoot for 35 days starting May 15. Production will bring a production designer and wardrobe designer but all other positions are open. The film will be made under the IA national agreement, but will not be DGA. The film will be shot by DP Anthony Dodd Mantle (King of Scotland).

The film will be produced by Mike S Ryan, Derrick Tseng and Ted Hope."

Thanks to EJ for pointing this one out to us!

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