Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Storytelling Soundtrack Due June 4th

The soundtrack to Storytelling has finally been properly announced for a June 4th release, from Matador Records. Apparently it features "34 minutes of new music from Belle and Sebastian, comprised of both instrumental film score and six new vocal tracks" (description from Amazon.com). Most on-line stores (CDNow, buy.com, Amazon, etc) now have this CD up for pre-order at $12.99 (it's actually $9.79 at CDUniverse... shop around, kids). Below is the album cover and track-listing:

Storytelling - Belle & Sebastian

1. Fiction
2. Freak
3. Early Letterman
4. F_ck This Sh_t
5. Night Walk
6. Jersey's Where It's At
7. Black and White Unite
8. Consuelo
9. Toby
10. Storytelling
11. Class Rank
12. I Don't Want To Play Football
13. Consuelo Leaving
14. Wandering Alone
15. Mandingo Cliche
16. Scooby Driver
17. Fiction (Reprise)
18. Big John Shaft

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