Sunday, October 28, 2001

Storytelling - The Book

Faber and Faber Inc., the same publishers that put out Solondz' Welcome To the Dollhouse and Happiness screenplays, have already announced the release of their Storytelling paperback (ISBN: 0-571-21283-2; dare we hope it will contain the now infamous, excised sequences from the film?), with a December 3rd release date and a list price of $13.00. Their description reads, "Todd Solandz offers two separate stories that unfold amid the sadly comical terrain of college and high school. A young female student has a stranger-than-fiction sexual encounter with her creative writing tutor; and a struggling documentarian finds himself drawn into his material." It's available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc.

On a similar note, according to Amazon, the Storytelling soundtrack, on Matador Records, has a November 13th release date.

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